SR to Start $600,000 Assistance Program to Help Renters during Pandemic

Santa Rosa plans to start an emergency rental assistance program in June expected to help an estimated 50 city households that have lost income during the ongoing pandemic, since county health officials in mid-March ordered all but essential businesses to close.

More than $600,000 in federal funds would help a group of qualified low- and middle-income renters through the end of the year, or until they get another job or resume working regular hours, city officials said.

The money would be distributed based on renters’ needs. Recipients still would pay 30% of their current household income toward monthly rent and funds from the assistance program would cover the remainder. 

There is no cap on how much financial aid a renter could receive each month.

Officials anticipate the program would help around 50  households, though that number could change based on how much money is needed to help eligible tenants pay their rent.

More details to be announced soon.