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DNC Blasts Trump On World AIDS Day: He Is No Ally

World AIDS Day provides us the opportunity to support those living with HIV, unite in the fight to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and mourn those we’ve lost. Today, we’re thinking about all the progress we’ve made, and the work still before us. This president is no ally of people living with HIV, who are disproportionately(…)

US Rebukes Zambia For Imprisoning Two Gay Men

Bloomberg News reports: The U.S. ambassador to Zambia said a high court ruling sentencing two men to 15 years in prison for homosexuality was horrifying. Ambassador Daniel Foote [photo] urged the government to reconsider laws that punish minority groups. “I was personally horrified to read yesterday about the sentencing of two men, who had a consensual(…)

Trump Worries Homocon Drudge Has Turned On Him

Glorious Leader is very worried about his favorite homocon: It’s been one media outlet in particular that has caught the president’s ire, even though it has so far been spared his Twitter rage: the Drudge Report. Publicly, Trump hasn’t said a peep about the highly popular news aggregator run by right-wing media impresario Matt Drudge. But(…)

POLL: Warren +13 Over Bernie With LGBTQ Voters

Out Magazine reports: In a first-of-its-kind poll, a new survey from YouGov and Out magazine found that LGBTQ+ voters favor the Massachusetts Senator by a nearly 2-to-1 margin over her Democratic rivals in the 2020 primary race. In an online survey of 816 likely voters conducted between November 11 and November 18, 31 percent claimed that(…)