The Washington Women’s March is Coming to Sonoma County

The Sonoma County rally and march will include diverse music, inspirational speakers and a promised dance mob dance, followed by a  30 minute sidewalk march.  Local community leaders will present a variety of options for engagement and action as we move forward towards inclusion and unity.  This noon rally is a sister march of the DC Women’s March and these coordinated marches are being held on the eve of the anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.

Volunteers are reaching out to all corners of Sonoma County to encourage everyone — women, men, children and families — to join together for a celebration of diversity.  In solidarity with those disenfranchised by campaign rhetoric and those who fear a loss of civil liberties, speakers will provide a call to action for Women’s Rights, Immigration Rights, Disability Rights, Religious and Civil Liberties for all.

“We will create an environment of love and peace, impenetrable by hate speech and community divisions,” said Anne McGivern, one of the organizers.  This grassroots effort was begun by a rapidly growing leadership group of Sonoma County women and men supported by community organizations and elected officials.

More volunteers are needed!  The group has a Facebook page which can be found at: