Are You Eligible for California Senior Meals Program?

Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday said restaurants across California that have been struggling to stay afloat during the coronavirus economic shutdown will soon begin providing millions of subsidized meals to qualifying senior citizens. He outlined the first-in-the-nation “Restaurants Deliver: Home Meals for Seniors” program but didn’t say when it would start. The state’s official website sign-up said(…)

Parks, Beaches in SoCo May Open in Limited Capacity Soon

discussions are underway among local officials to crystallize plans for allowing residents limited access to Sonoma County’s parks after they were closed a month ago to stem the risk of coronavirus spreading among the local populace. Top elected and appointed officials in county government, including Health Officer Sundari Mase, have endorsed the move, with leaders(…)

Coronavirus Community Check In: Jessie Hankins from LGBTQ Connection

Gay Carnivele: Talk a bit about your background, how you came to be involved with LGBTQ Connection, what your position there is, and what it entails. Jessie Hankins: I’m the Program & Evaluation Manager at LGBTQ Connection, which is an initiative of On The Move. On The Move is also the parent organization of our(…)

SoCo Library – Where so Much is Available Online

The Sonoma County Library has tracked a steady shift from physical to digital use over the past few years. “Every year, we see more and more patrons checking out electronic books, streaming movies, tracing their family tree or conducting research,” said Ann Hammond, Sonoma County Library Director. “Some of our most loyal and active patrons(…)

All Sonoma County Residents to Wear Face Coverings on Friday

After seeing people were not adhering to her recommendation two weeks ago, Sonoma County’s top public health official on Monday made clear everyone must wear a face covering starting Friday when they go inside any building other than home, or when outside if unable to remain at least six feet away from others. Dr. Sundari(…)

Community Update from Face to Face

All of us here at Face to Face hope that this message finds you safe and healthy while Sheltered In Place. This is a challenging time for all of us with things changing on the daily. Although it may seem like there is not much good going on at this time, we must all remember(…)

Food for Thought Needs Your Help

We’re all giving up a lot these days, in the name of social distancing for the greater good. But something no one should have to give up is healthy, nutritious food.  Now more than ever, Food For Thought’s 850 clients, living with HIV and other serious illnesses, are in need of nourishing groceries. And you can(…)

Virus Challenges Community’s Most Vulnerable Residents

Just as our fires brought to the surface the vast inequalities in Sonoma County, so too has the COVID-19 pandemic. Rather than corporate bailouts and commitments to simply not evict families ‘‘for now,” we need a real community bailout. One in five Sonoma County residents are living in poverty1 and hundreds of thousands are now out of work. Members(…)