Record 1,185 LGBTQ+ Elected Officials Now Serving in the United States, 13.6% Increase from 2022

LGBTQ+ Victory Institute released its 2023 Out for America Report, the only national census of out LGBTQ+ elected officials in the United States. With at least 1,185 out LGBTQ+ elected officials currently serving, there are more out LGBTQ+ people in office than ever before in U.S. history, including record LGBTQ+ representation in school boards and state legislatures. Despite significant increases over the past year, 36,232 more LGBTQ+ people must be elected to office in the U.S. to achieve equitable representation for the LGBTQ+ community. The full report is available here.

Key findings:

  • LGBTQ+ elected officials increased by 13.6% over the past year, from 1,043 to 1,185.
  • 0.23% of U.S. elected officials are LGBTQ+, meaning 36,232 more LGBTQ+ people must be elected to achieve equitable representation.
  • 226 LGBTQ+ state legislators are currently serving in the U.S., the most ever and an increase of 18% since 2022. Vermont has the most out LGBTQ+ state legislators in the country with 14, while Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia all have the fewest with zero each.
  • 124 LGBTQ+ school board members are currently serving, an increase of 37% since 2022.
  • LGBTQ+ elected officials of color increased by 23.2% in the last year, while white LGBTQ+ elected officials increased by 9%.
  • 24 states and the District of Columbia have trans elected officials and 14 states have non-binary elected officials.

Mayor Annise Parker, President & CEO of LGBTQ+ Victory Institute, released the following statement about the findings:

“From school boards to state legislatures to Congress, LGBTQ+ political power continues to grow across the country. LGBTQ+ leaders are our best firewall against the homophobia and transphobia sweeping our communities. As LGBTQ+ elected officials stand up and speak out on behalf of all of us, they are also inspiring countless LGBTQ+ leaders to consider running for office themselves. This is an all-hands-on-deck moment for the LGBTQ+ community and our allies: we must double down on our efforts to inspire, train and support future LGBTQ+ candidates – our rights will depend on it.”

The full 2023 Out for America report is available here.


LGBTQ+ Victory Institute

LGBTQ+ Victory Institute works to achieve and sustain global equality through leadership development, training and convening to increase the number, expand the diversity and ensure the success of out LGBTQ+ elected and appointed officials at all levels of government.