Meet the Trans Adults and Their Families on a Mission to Ensure More Americans Get to Know a Transgender Person

71% of Americans say they have never met a transgender person. Well, here they are.

GLAAD, in collaboration with GROUND Media, an award-winning strategic storytelling studio, launched Here We Are, a campaign that aims to combat misinformation about the transgender community.

The campaign features transgender people from Ohio and Florida alongside supportive family members. This is especially important in a time when anti-transgender rhetoric from politicians and some in the media continues to rise.

Here We Are includes 6 one minute long videos that feature transgender adults living in the U.S. with their unconditionally supportive loved ones.

Their stories will premiere online at and will also air nationally through paid ad buys and donated ad space from major networks including Comcast NBCUniversal, with focus on states where anti-LGBTQ bills heavily target transgender people and healthcare.

“At a time when anti-transgender rhetoric and legislation are growing at alarming and dangerous rates, it is crucial that Americans hear from transgender people about their lives and how the current political and cultural climate can be harmful to them,” said GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. “Most Americans are exposed to trans issues through media-biased narratives. GLAAD and GROUND Media’s new campaign dispels these misconceptions to introduce Americans to  transgender people and their supportive families who showcase  that trans identity is real and that everyone deserves to be who they are and live safely.”

The first story being told is Nadya‘s. Nadya is a 19-year-old college student studying performing arts and fashion design, and she is passionate about creative expression. Watch her story here:

“When Nadya came out in her transition, I was very unfamiliar with the whole process. I knew that for me to keep her in my life I needed to be able to change. I needed to be able to learn.” her father shares.

“What’s at stake right now are people’s lives,” Nadya says. “I want to be happy, I want to be healthy. I want to have people by my side that will always be there for me.”

“There’s so much to say about Nadya. She has an amazing heart. She brings us so much joy,” Nadya’s mother says. “We want her to be able to succeed, to be her authentic self,” her father continues.

“We all have the right to be ourselves with out fear, help us share our story,” Nadya concludes.

Next, audiences are introduced to Gio. He is a 38-year-old U.S. Air Force veteran and community advocate. He’s a brother, athlete and an avid sneaker geek. Watch his story here:

“As transgender people, we sometimes forget the journey is not just ours,” Gio explains. “My family, no matter what, we always loved each other.”

“It wasn’t hard for me to accept my brother,” Gio’s sister Chantille says. “We can all live freely if we respect and honor one another.”

“Trans people are just people, we’re joyful and we just want to live and thrive and be.” Gio states.

Lastly, meet Ashton. Ashton is a 32-year-old LGBTQ advocate, speaker and consultant who loves to hike and kayak with his dad, play guitar and cook. Watch his story here:

“People can be incredibly mean, and I’ve faced harsh judgment just for being myself,” Ashton says. “I’ve lost friends, have worried about losing family, and about being able to pursue my dreams.”

He continues, “But I know that there is more love in this world than hate and I just want to be able to live my life free from fear to simply be who I am.”