Reinventing the Exercise Wheel

Because the fitness industry is ever evolving with new trends/tips on how to stay in shape and keep fit, it’s always helpful to know what’s new. Here are some predictions for fitness trends I think are likely to be hot this year.

1. LISS training will make a come back. After years of HIIT or high intensity interval training being the quick fix to get a great workout and a short period of time, LISS or low intensity steady state training will once again become the trend. Why?

Recently a few studies, specifically one from the National Institute of Health, discovered HIIT workouts not only have a long-term negative impact or your joints and bones, they also make us feel bad emotionally. In short, people don’t like doing HIIT workouts. Therefore, it’s time to go back to that workout or piece of exercise equipment that you love and do it work for longer periods of time or increase the resistance or weight associated with it. You will be happy you did.

2. Two-in-one workouts. Long are the days of going to the gym and focusing one just one specific exercise or class like Zumba, boxing, HIIT, TRX or even Barre class. In 2016, you will continue to see a trends toward combining your favorite group classes into one amazing experience. You will do Barre classes paired with boxing and spin class paired with weight training.

I love this trend because it forces your body to do more work and burn more calories because you’re working in different planes of motions while simultaneously using both your cardio respiratory and musculoskeletal systems to produce energy.

3. Emotional experiences. More and more you will begin to see boutique gyms and fitness events pop up because they provide something greater more than what you get from group fitness class or 45 minutes of a treadmill. Ragnar, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, SoulCycle and Pure Yoga all come to mind when it comes to providing a deeper emotional response.

These experiences allow you to connect with something larger whether it’s working with a group of people to accomplish a goal or connecting to your own frustrations, vulnerabilities, strengths and letting these emotions out through exercises.

4. Try a CSA. Community Supported Agriculture has been around since the 1980s but has been growing in popularity with advent of technology, making it more convenient, accessible and affordable. In short, CSAs are mostly run by local, organic and sustainable farms that allow folks to sign-up for memberships to share in the harvest of their in season crops.

CSAs have become so popular that you can now customize your order with your favorite fruits and veggies, have home deliver or even skip a week or two if you aren’t in the mood for your weekly delivery. CSAs have a myriad of benefits from reduced carbon footprint, supporting local farms, eating naturally grown foods without added hormones, chemicals or pesticides.

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