Frameline 48: Queer Bro Com “Rent Free” Screens June 23

There is a scene in Rent Free that can only be described as the It’s Always 2 Dumb Bitches Telling Each Other “Exactlyyyyy” meme come to life. In it, besties Ben (Jacob Roberts) and Jordan (David Treviño) come up with a scheme to live “rent free” for a year after completely blowing up their lives. What could possibly go wrong?!

Filled with hilarious performances, Rent Free is the second feature and third appearance at Frameline in so many years from Fernando Andrés and the team behind Three Headed Beast (Frameline46) and Knowing Me, Knowing You (Frameline47). The naturalistic, intimate tone allows an unfiltered look at Gen-Z trying to find financial and emotional stability in modern-day Austin, TX. When Ben says, “we don’t have shit going on, we don’t have shit to lose, so it’s like the universe is just telling us to roll with it,” it’s incredibly resonant to the current moment. Rent Free combines a social experiment and a buddy comedy, with delightful results.


JUNE 23, 2024 3:30 PM — 5:21 PM

Roxie Theater

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