Frameline43 Film Review: “Kattumaram”

In a small village ravaged by a tsunami, Singaram works as a fisherman to care for his orphaned niece and nephew. Despite her uncle’s tireless bids to find a groom for her, Anandhi rejects all efforts to get her married off, instead focusing on her work as a schoolteacher. When a new photography instructor named Kavita arrives at the school, Anandhi finds an instant connection with her. As their friendship begins to blossom into something more, Anandhi must face her feelings and the consequences they will bring in this conservative society.

Kattumaram is a heartfelt look at the strength of community in rural India, showcasing the importance of tradition along with the need for evolution. Veteran filmmaker Swarnavel Eswaran’s previous documentary work which focused on social justice informs the film throughout. Eswaran balances politics with aesthetics, making Kattumaram a beautiful and genuine experience.