Gay couple walking their dog is violently attacked & stoned

Ivan Miadini said it was like a scene out of the Old Testament.

He and his husband were walking their dog a week ago Saturday night in Drogheda, north of the Irish capital in Dublin, when a gang of teenage boys starting verbally abusing them, calling them “f****t bastards”, “queers” and “pedophiles.”

“They threatened to kill us, rape our dog and told us to go back to our own countries,” Miadini told the Independent. “They were going to chase us off the island.”

The incident escalated as the teenagers started hurling stones at the couple and their dog and then physically attacked them. Both men were punched in the head and face. One man suffered a broken nose.

The attack lasted over a minute.

Despite the violence, Miadini managed to record most of the incident — he said the boys knocked his phone from his hands twice — and he posted it online in hopes local residents would come forward with information about the attackers’ identities.

Remarkably, the couple hasn’t contacted cops.

Referring to the state police in Ireland, Miadini told a local radio station, “I didn’t film with the intention of sharing it with the Garda. I think there is another way to go here.”

“I am sharing this with various outlets, with people I know to share it among themselves so we can find out who these people are and see what their situation is.”

“I really want to know before taking this further down the line.”

A local Garda source told the Irish Mirror police are aware of the video online and that it was a “shocking” attack. He hopes the couple comes forward.

“These teenage gangs should not get away with this,” he said. “There is no excuse for such vile homophobic and racist abuse.”

Imelda Munster, a member of the Irish Parliament representing Drogheda, said she’s spoken to the victims and condemned the attack.

“These are two law-abiding citizens going out for a walk with their dog when they are attacked in broad daylight because of who they are.

“Under no circumstances should these thugs get away with this. It was a frightening incident and everyone in Drogheda is shocked and angry.”

For their part, the couple, who recently relocated from Dublin, think their attackers should avoid jail time and be directed on a path to community service.

“I don’t think the solution here is just to throw the book at them with a criminal prosecution,” Miadini said.

“If these young people aren’t educated, they will grow up to carry out worse assaults.”

“Hopefully it doesn’t take root,” said Miadini, “because that kind of hate can only grow.”