Attention LGBT Travelers: A Queer Version Of Airbnb Is Here


Traveling as a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) person comes with a certain amount of risk — especially when traveling on a global level.

This level of risk is intensified when LGBT travelers stay in unfamiliar locations, or have to rely on apps like Airbnb to book rooms in stranger’s homes or spaces. For this reason, a new app called Wimbify aims to help queer people find safe spaces to lay their heads at the homes or spaces of LGBT individuals, families or allies while abroad.

“When you choose to spend your holiday in an apartment rented online, the risks are right around the corner,” Alessio Virgili of Wimbify told The Huffington Post. “For an LGBT traveler, these risks increase. [What] if the person who is hosting doesn’t like the idea of an LGBT person in their house, or even an LGBT couple or family?”

“Besides avoiding feelings of unease or discrimination, being hosted by an LGBT or LGBT-friendly host makes it easier to socialize and [gain] knowledge of the local LGBT community, especially in destinations where gay life is often lived underground and it’s difficult to find information and to find yourself safe.”

Particularly in parts of the world where being LGBT still comes with heavy consequences — some of which can be life-threatening — apps like Wimbify can serve a crucial function.

Want to see more? Head here to check out the app and safe travels this holiday season!