Analy High School Theatre Department Presents ‘Once Upon a Mattress’


Once Upon a Mattress is a musical comedy set in a magical kingdom ruled by the devious

Queen Aggravain and the mute, King Sextimus the Silent. Queen Agravian maintains all of

the power in the kingdom ever since a curse was put on her husband that can only be

broken when “the mouse devours the hawk”. In an attempt to keep her son Prince

Dauntless single and preserve her rule, the Queen puts out a royal decree that states no one

in the kingdom can marry until her drabby son takes a princess of true royal blood to be

his wife. The queen has tested the eligibility of every princesses in the nearby kingdoms,

and all have failed her impassible tests. When a surprise pregnancy risks the reputation of

a great knight, he must step forward to help Dauntless find the perfect princess. Sir Harry

travels far and wide to find the beautiful Princess Winnifred, who instantly catches the

attention of Prince Dauntless. Is Princess Winnifred the one for Dauntless? More

importantly, will she pass the Queen’s test? And will the mouse devour the hawk? Come see

the show to find out!

Directed by Jonathan Mazer

Musical Director: Kelly Stewart

Choreography: Brooke Bell

Vocal Director: Andrew DelMonte

Featuring: Seniors Ella Shafer, Joseph Mossbridge and Meghan Voight and all of the 2018

Analy Theater Arts members.


Opening Night: Friday, APRIL 13th @ 7PM

APRIL 14, 19, 20, 21 @ 7pm

APRIL 14, 15 MATINEES @ 2pm


General $10 / Students $5

Tickets available at