Summer Camp for LGBTQ+ Adults Moves to New LocationNew Site in Central Maine Will Offer Upgraded Experience

‘Camp’ Camp, America’s premier summer camp for LGBTQ+ adults, will host the 26th season of their unique all-inclusive vacation at an exciting new location in central Maine this August 11-18. This new (to ‘Camp’ Camp) site will add even more appeal to the relaxing, exciting, community-filled week that has inspired past attendees to declare their week at ‘Camp’ Camp the “best time ever!” for over two decades.
Conceived in 1997 as an alternative to alcohol- and sex-focused LGBTQ+ bars and other venues, ‘Camp’ Camp offers a fun and relaxing week-long vacation for queer folx of all ages, gender identities, and sexual orientations – but with a twist: a strong focus on fostering true connection and community-building. After twenty-five seasons at their original location in southwestern Maine, Camp’s move to their new location between Augusta and Bangor, Maine will offer the same community-focused experience, but with an expanded schedule of activities, upgraded accommodations, and the capability to host even more LGBTQ+ folx from across the globe.
Structured just like a traditional sleep-away summer camp, ‘Camp’ Camp’s all-inclusive price includes an extensive offering of creative, athletic, social, and nature-oriented activities from 7:00am to 12:30am daily. Campers can choose from a variety of traditional summer camp activities like Canoeing, Stained Glass, and Pickleball, as well as offerings geared towards LGBTQ+ adults such Broadway Dance, LGBTQ History, and Figure Drawing. Of course, relaxation is also on the week’s agenda: Campers can also decide to just chill out at the mile-long waterfront or by grabbing a nap in their air-conditioned communal cabin. Evenings then bring a variety of fun social events, including Camp’s traditional Talent/No Talent Show and a Barn Dance with a live caller and fiddlers.
‘Camp’ Camp’s all-inclusive price of $1975 for the week – a significant value at less than $285 per day – includes lodging in air-conditioned communal cabins (private/semi-private cabins are available on a limited basis for an additional fee); restaurant-quality meals; over 30 outdoor, athletic, and creative activities daily; a different social event each evening; and round-trip transportation from Portland or Augusta, Maine to Camp. Reduced rates through Camp’s unique Staff program begin at just $475 for the week and are available on a limited basis.
Longtime Camper Jenn Long (she/her) of Yonkers, New York is already registered for her 18th summer at Camp this summer. “With all the activities, food, and accommodations included, my wife and I both appreciate the value of Camp. But it’s really the people we’ve met and the lifetime friends we’ve made at Camp that keeps us coming back,” remarks Long. “It’s like a big, fun family reunion every summer, and all of us returning Campers love welcoming first-timers and making them feel at home.”
“During my first year at Camp last summer, it occurred to me that saying Camp is “all-inclusive” isn’t just referring to the pricing,” says Camp’s new Outreach Manager, Kat Torres Radisic (they/them) of East Boston, Massachusetts. “I’ve never been a part of a queer community that was so welcoming and seemed so easily and naturally supportive of each other… I was one of the younger people there and went not knowing anyone else, but I still connected with so many people of all ages. I couldn’t believe how everyone was included and encouraged in nearly every way. I’d probably been there less than 24 hours and was already telling everyone that I’d be back.”
Kerry Riffle (he/him) of Woodville, Ohio has been Camp’s Owner/Director since 2006 after having been a member of Camp’s Staff since their inaugural year in 1997. “It’s been so amazing to watch Camp grow to welcome nearly 250 folx each summer since our very first year when we had less than 90 attendees,” he says. “Each summer, nearly 75% of attendees have been with us before and consistently say the people they met at Camp is what keeps them coming back. So, we’re excited that we can now host over 100 more people for the week. More people should experience a week at ‘Camp’ Camp! Frankly, a week like this feels especially necessary in today’s stressful, politically-charged climate.”
Camp’s Associate Director Michelle Rediker (she/her) of Framingham, Massachusetts elaborates: “Maine is always a beautiful and inviting place for a vacation, and Camp will still offer the same rejuvenating experience for anyone open to taking the leap and vacationing with a bunch of strangers – who will quickly be good friends. With our new site offering more comfortable accommodations and new activities like tubing, horseback riding, and archery, the experience will be even better! Coupled with the welcoming and supportive culture that Camp has fostered for over two decades – one that implicitly encourages you to be your true self and to try new things – ‘Camp’ Camp really is a queer vacation unlike any other.”
Space is still available for both Campers and Staff for Camp’s 26th Season this August 11-18. Registration and more information on ‘Camp’ Camp’s Staff program can both be found at
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