Dare to Bare – Clothing Optional Resorts Next Frontier in Gay Travel

Looking for something new and exciting to try in 2018?  The next frontier for adventurous travelers is vacationing in the buff. Yes, we’re talking full monty!  At least that’s what’s happening in Palm Springs where a growing string of clothing optional resorts are popping up, hoping to lure in the uninhibited among us.
Inndulge Resort is one of the original clothing optional resorts in Palm Springs and with its epic mountain views and legendary kidney-shaped swimming pool, it still ranks among the area’s most popular.  It first opened 21-years ago and caters to a gay clientele.
Jon Jackson and his husband Sandy purchased Inndulge Resort in 2010 and were among the first to ride the wave of this latest dare-to-bare trend.  They describe the nudist experience as one that once you try, you’ll want to do over and over again.
What do you account for the sudden popularity in clothing optional resorts?  
Jon Jackson:  It hasn’t been so sudden.  We’ve seen the popularity of nude resorts grow steadily and gradually among gay men through the years, beginning as far back as the 1930s when Playa del Hombre Muerto, a nude beach just south of Sitges, Spain, opened to gay travelers.  The gay clothing optional resorts began appearing in Palm Springs in the 1970s.
Traditionally, it’s been the over-50 crowd that has dared to bare.
Jon Jackson:  That’s true but these days, we’re seeing all ages of gay men. Interestingly, however, only about half of our guests go fully nude.   Many simply come because they like having the option. They come seeking a safe refuge where they can feel free to let it all hang out, should they wish to.
What is attracting younger vacationers?  
Jon Jackson:  We find they’re as eager to free themselves from the influences and restrictions of everyday life as the older men who come here are.   They come for the freedom of hanging by the pool naked.   They also come for the social aspect of spending their holiday exclusively with like-minded gay men.  There’s a tribal aspect of gay nudist traveling.
Do you do anything to foster the social aspect?
Jon Jackson:  Every day, we host a morning breakfast by the pool.  We also host a nightly BYOB social hour and plenty of weekend events.
Do you see a lot of couples at Inndulge?
Jon Jackson:  Oh yes, lots of couples!  Its also become very common that one in the couple is a nudist while the other keeps his swim trunks on.  All are welcome, and as a result, everyone feels comfortable.
Are the couples swingers?
Jon Jackson:  They may be but Inndulge doesn’t allow public sex.  Like the Marriots and Kimptons of the world, sex at our resort takes place in the privacy of our guest rooms.  There are certainly bath-house style hotels for the sexually adventurous in Palm Springs.
How do you ensure that unwanted sexual advances are shut down quickly and easily at Inndulge?
Jon Jackson:  There is a self-enforcing culture here.  It’s an unwritten code of conduct that newcomers catch on quickly to.
Do most newcomers become repeat visitors?
Jon Jackson:  Nearly 80% of our visitors return to Inndulge.  That’s something I don’t think the Marriots and Kimptons of the world can claim.
To learn more about baring all in Palm Springs, visit inndulge.com.