“The Way He Looks” Opens at Rialto Cinemas November 14

  The lazy summer is over and Leo and his best friend Giovana are back in High School for the new term when curly headed new boy Gabriel joins the class for the first time.  Suddenly the cosy closeness of the two old friends is threatened when Giovana discovers that the newcomer will not be(…)

Designer’s Bio-Pic Captures His Both Creative and Troubled Soul

Yves St Laurent was regarded as the most consistently celebrated and influential designer for twenty-five years. He is credited with both spurring Haute Couture’s rise from its 1960’s ashes and with finally rendering Ready-to-Wear reputable.  He was unquestionably a genius and it’s no exaggeration at all to state that some of his ‘creations’ were stunning masterpieces.(…)

Fluffy “Cupcakes” Expesses Intense Israeli Director’s Lighter Side

The Eurovision Song Contest, which is the epitome of the true meaning of ‘eurotrash’, really owes its continuing success to the thousands of gay men throughout the world who slavish watch the  Broadcast every year with such glee. There are few programs on television these days that are campier than this outdated competition that seeks to(…)

“Kidnapped for Christ” Stuns With Depiction of Curing the Gay

This is a sadly very true tale about how American parents are willingly to shell out some $72000 per year (that’s $10000 more than Harvard’s fees) to have their children forcibly detained by fundamental Christian Evangelists at a ‘camp’ in a remote part of the Dominican Republic to undertake treatment euphemistically called behavior modification. The(…)

“Campaign of Hate” Exposes Russia’s Drift Towards Homophobia

As most of the world moves towards gay equality, there’s a handful of countries that seem to be moving the opposite direction. Of these countries, perhaps the only one among them that truly qualifies as a “world power” is Russia, a country that became even more known for the issue during the recent Sochi Olympics.(…)

“Winter Journey” Tells Tale of Troubled Relationship in Troubled Russia

The theft of a pair of headphones are the start of an unusual and extremely volatile relationship for a refined conservatory student and an animalistic street thug in Winter Journey (Zimney put), the directorial debut of Russian actors Sergei Taramajev and Liubov Lvova. The controversial title, which has attracted attention because of its inclusion of(…)