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New TSA policy Codifies Discrimination Against Transgender People

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has announced a final rule that codifies discrimination against transgender people. The rule implements the widespread use of body-scan technology which requires a TSA agent to choose a pink or blue button based on the perceived gender of the person traveling through U.S. airports. Transgender people, as a result(…)

Out Sebastopol Man Tapped to Head Law Enforcement Review

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors is expected to appoint Jerry Threet as the director of its newly established Independent Office of Law Enforcement Review and Outreach at its meeting next week. Threet, 55, is a gay man who is a former president of the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club and served as chief of(…)

Bill Takes Aim at Homophobic Tyrants Who Persecute LGBT People

  A Democratic US Senator has introduced a bill that would deny visas to foreigners complicit in the persecution of LGBT people. Jeanne Shaheen, the Senator for New Hampshire and a close ally of Hillary Clinton, introduced the Global Respect Act in the Senate this week. The LGBT rights bill takes aim at people who(…)