Hate Groups Behind GOP’s Anti-LGBT 2020 Platform

Politico reports: A vote by the Republican National Committee to leave the party’s 2016 party platform unchanged ahead of the November election has infuriated grass-roots activists — including moderates who wanted to streamline its message and social conservatives who sought added language on emerging hot-button topics. The decision by the party’s executive panel Wednesday means the(…)

RNC Endorses 2020 Platform Calling For Legalizing Anti-LGBT Discrimination And Overturning Marriage Equality

Just in from the Democratic National Committee: While the RNC preposterously claims Trump has taken “unprecedented steps to protect the LGBTQ community,” they just re-endorsed an unpopular platform that advocates overturning hard-fought LGBTQ+ rights. The GOP’s 2020 platform “condemns” marriage equality, which has been legal across the United States for five years and is supported(…)