Transgender Man Receives $93,000 Healthcare Bill after Suicide Attempt

A transgender man has received an enormous bill of $93,000 for eight nights spent in a medical centre after a suicide attempt. Oliver Jordan—who is from Tulsa, Oklahoma—posted a photo of the bill on Twitter,which has since gone viral, amassing more than 30,000 likes and retweets. He captioned the photo: “This is how expensive it(…)

ForLikeMinds Launches First Online Peer-based Support Community Dedicated to Mental Illness and Substance Use for LGBTQ+ Community

Ahead of Pride Day 2019,  ( is pleased to announce that it has launched the first online peer-based support community dedicated to mental illness and substance use conditions in the LGBTQ+ community.  ForLikeMinds empowers members to connect and communicate one-on-one and in groups to support, inform, and inspire each other’s recovery from mental illness and substance use.  Recovery(…)